At Rancho Ponte we specialize in making mostly red Italian varietals like Montepulciano, Aglianico, Sangiovese, Refosco, and Dolcetto. We also use classic French varietals; we grow Malbec, Merlot and Mourvedre in our own vineyards right here on the property.

We believe that wine is made in the vineyard and put quality above any and all attributes when selecting which winegrowers we buy grapes from. We only use hand-harvested fruit with zero defects that have been harvested less than 12 hours before we crush them. We do not use unnecessary additives, flavorings or preservatives.

Rancho Ponte wines consistently medal in national wine competitions such as the San Francisco Chronicle Wine competition, the Dan Berger Wine Competition, the San Diego International Spirits Challenge and the Sonoma Grand Harvest Awards. We do not distribute to restaurants or wine retailers; our wines are only available at the winery, our online store and to our wine club members.

We produce the kind of wines we like to drink on a daily basis but also get recognition and awards from expert palates and are award-winning in national and international competitions. We are a small, hands-on operation and hope that our dedication will be evident in every glass.



Tasting Room Hours-CLOSED

Rancho Ponte is moving to a new location soon! Our Fredericksburg, Texas tasting room is permanently closed.

Closed all Major Holidays:
The day of Easter and the day of and the day before Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years

Tasting Fee: $18.50

Gourmet cheese and tasting plates available!

We will not allow minors to consume alcohol, even if accompanied by a parent.

Contact Us

830 990-8555-Please leave message, best to email for a quicker response. or if you"re a wine club member




Our Story

We opened our winery on January of 2009.

In 1895, my great-grandfather started a winery in the Friuli region of Italy, near the Austrian border. He made two wines, a white and a red, to be consumed on the spot. His costumers were mostly soldiers from a nearby barracks. He farmed white grapes and bought red grapes that were grown in Southern Italy. He brought the first teacher to his area and was the first to grow cash crops in his county. My grandfather Angelo inherited the business and ran it until the mid 1960’s, when my uncle took it over.

My own parents owned vineyards in two continents; we are now part of a fourth generation of winegrowers. As a kid I helped my dad Luigi in his 800-acre South American vineyard. He was the first to use modern drip irrigation in his region and one of my jobs was to check the irrigation system.

I went to school at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and after graduation managed a 500-acre vineyard that my dad bought in Southern California in the 80’s. I sold most of the production to wineries “up north” in Sonoma. I had started making wine in college and did it as a hobby for a while but stopped when Rachel and I started a family and I had less time for it.

A few years later Rachel and I bought a house on five acres that came with a very cool addition: a private mini winery building (“the Barn”) complete with all the necessary equipment to produce wine. Since I was farming grapes at the time, the outcome was inevitable: we started making wine again.

Rachel got a job at William-Sonoma’s headquarters doing recipe development and testing, so we moved to Marin County, just north of San Francisco, where we lived for a couple of years.

In 2007 we traveled to the Hill Country and were amazed at the beauty of the Hill Country.  What a hidden gem this place was!  We bought a small ranch outside of Fredericksburg, planted a vineyard, built a tasting room, a cellar, a barrel room and a crush pad and we let our next adventure take place.